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Coach Commitment

Below is the text of the Coach Commitment form for Academy Coaches. The one for BRSL Coaches is very similar. Please make sure you and all your coaches/managers have read and signed the appropriate form. Email me if you do not have a copy.

RUSC Coaches/Team Managers Expected Standards of Conduct 2015-16

I understand that it is my responsibility to follow these “Standards of Conduct” and to foster and support these same standards in players, coaches, other team officials, spectators, and parents.

With Center Referee and Assistant Referees before, during, and after a game

1.       I understand that the game officials are the symbols of authority and I will treat them with respect and demand the same from my players and our spectators.

2.       Before, during, and after the game I will NOT yell at, taunt, intimidate, or make inappropriate hand or body language signals to game officials. I will say it nicely or say nothing. The referee does NOT owe you an explanation of called fouls – do NOT ask.

3.       I will not question a game official’s judgment calls and understand that I have no recourse but to accept the game officials’ decisions.

4.       For a “Rule of Law” complaint against a referee, I will put it in writing, get other corroboration in writing, and get it to my club officials within 24 hours.

5.       I will NOT step on the field of play during the duration of the game unless invited by the referee.

With All Coaches, Players, and Parents before, during, and after a game

6.       I will treat everyone with respect and treat our opponent as guests on our home field.

7.       I will speak to opponents on or off the field only with courtesy or to compliment their play.

8.       I will not use profanity at any time and will NOT tolerate profanity, taunting behavior (verbal or physical), or disparaging dialogue on or off the field by players, parents, spectators, or other team officials.

9.       I will enforce RUSC Policy that ONLY Players, Coaches, and/or Team Managers are allowed in the coach’s technical area on the team side of the field during play.

Other Points of Consideration

10.   I will put the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of the player above winning.

11.   I will abide by RUSC Best Practices at all times.

12.   I understand my status as a role model to my players, parents, and spectators and will exhibit positive behavior at all times befitting such status.

13.   I will use positive coaching techniques and never ridicule or degrade a player.

14.   I will know the Laws of the Game and see that my players live up to the letter and the intent of these laws.

15.   I will maintain the perspective that I am an adult coach and the players are not adults.

16.   I will not tie MY EGO or IDENTITY to the success of my team…i.e. Winning.

17.   I will lead my players through adversity rather than becoming a “victim” of it.

18.   I will remember that “soccer belongs to the players” and put the welfare of the game and the players ahead of my personal gain.

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