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Aug, 2020

Registration for Fall 2020 Technical Training is Now Open

Hello RUSC Families,

The registration for Fall 2020 Technical Training is Now Open.

This is for Weekly training sessions with VMI coaches. All sessions will be at Jordan's Point. Like last fall, professional VMI coaches will run the trainings. All sessions are coed. Coaches and players will follow all CDC, VDOH, US Soccer, and Virginia Youth Soccer Association health guidelines. More on this below.

Due to coach and field availability, we have slightly altered the schedule described in the survey. Sessions will begin for 8th-12th graders on Wednesday 9/9 and for all others on Sunday 9/13. We plan to run for 8 weeks.

For players grades K-4:
Once a week Sundays at 4-5pm ($50)

For players grades 5-7:
Once a week Sundays at 4-5pm ($50, same time as K-4, but a separate session)

For players grades 8-12:
Twice a week Sundays 5:15-6:45pm and Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm ($110)

Deposit required for K-4th and 5-7th is $30. Deposit for 8-12th is $55. The mission of RUSC includes the opportunity to participate regardless of financial resources. If your player is in need of fees reduction, equipment, or transportation support, please contact RUSC at [email protected]

Go to to register.

If you have an account and have added your players, just log in and click on My Account near the upper right. The available programs should show next to your players. You may of course add new players.

If you do not have an account you can start by clicking on Register near the upper right. You will create an account for the parent/guardian (not the player), then you will add the player(s). Once that is complete you can add the program for the players.

When registering your player(s) you will have to acknowledge the following two waivers:
(more info on COVID Health Precautions Here)

By accepting this waiver, I/We, hereby certify that I/We am/are the parent or legal guardian of the player. I hereby give my permission for the coaches of Rockbridge United Soccer Club, to seek appropriate medical attention for the player, and for the medical attention to be given, and for the player to receive medical attention in the event of an accident, injury or illness. I/We will be responsible for all costs of medical attention and treatment, and have medical insurance to cover these costs. I/We understand, as with any sport, injuries can occur, and we hereby acknowledge that our child is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in soccer and other physical activities.

Further, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Rockbridge United Soccer Club, or any coach, player, or other person engaged in this program from any liability for injuries sustained by my child or illness (including COVID-19) contracted during the period of this program.


I and my player understand the following: (full details in the attached Word document).

Practice Environment
Rockbridge United offers many different programs for all age groups, genders and levels of play. Specific program considerations will be issued as necessary on a program by program basis. However, the following general protocols are in place for all Rockbridge United activities. These protocols and procedures are designed to represent common-sense best practices that will limit exposure to COVID-19 during Rockbridge United programming. Rockbridge United’s number one priority is to establish an environment that is safe for all players and coaches using these guidelines.
·  Rockbridge United will adhere to the maximum allowable number of people per field restrictions in place. Parents will be asked to stay away from sessions when necessary and possible.
·  Schedules will include 15-30 minute buffer times between sessions to allow for egress and ingress between games.
·  Everyone on sidelines (coaches, players, parents) will wear face coverings and maintain social distancing of ten feet of distance between individuals.
·  Players will have designated places on their sideline to store water and equipment bags separated by ten feet from teammates.
·  Coaches will not bring teams in for huddles at any time.
·  No sharing of water between players. Players MUST bring their own water.
·  No group cheers, no post session handshakes, and no group goal celebrations or high fives.
·  Players will be screened by parents before coming to events and by coaches once they arrive for COVID symptoms. Anyone showing symptoms will be sent home.
·  Equipment will be sanitized prior to each practice.
·  Players are recommended to use hand sanitizer before and after every practice and game.
·  Coaches will be required to wear masks whenever possible.
·  All families will sign a waiver acknowledging the risks of participating in soccer with regard to COVID-19 and communicable diseases.
When will Physical Distancing Occur?
·  During most training exercises – Players must maintain their 10 foot distance during most exercises.
·  Water Breaks – Every player will have their own designated hydration area that will be 10 feet from the nearest player.
·  Group Talks – Coaches must make sure players keep their 10 feet distance while delivering any group talks.
·  Arriving and Departing the field – Players must maintain their 10 foot distance and not walk shoulder to shoulder.
Players will be allowed normal physical contact during short periods of play. However, physical distancing measures will be taken outside of play, including most training exercises.
Guidelines for Players
·  Cannot be feeling sick or have a temperature of 100.4 or more.
·  Players may not attend Rockbridge United events if they have been in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19. (see close contact definition above)
·  Each player is responsible for their own water, ball, and hand sanitizer.
·  Players may not share water.
·  Avoid touching soccer balls with their uncovered hands when possible.
·  Must follow physical distancing protocols when not playing, must wear masks arriving and departing the fields.
·  Use hand sanitizer before and after each session.
·  High fives, handshakes, hugs, and any other greeting or celebration that involves contact, are not permitted.
·  Failure to comply with safety protocols may result in a dismissal from any Rockbridge United session.
Guidelines for Coaches
·  Any coach with a temperature of 100.4 or more, or feels sick cannot attend a Rockbridge United session.
·  Any coach who has been in close contact to COVID-19 may not participate until following the Return to Play protocol above.
·  Must wear a mask when within 10 feet of a player.
·  Sanitize hands before and after each session.
·  Ensure any shared equipment is washed or sanitized between uses.
Guidelines for Parents
·  Administer a temperature check to your player before attending a Rockbridge United event. Must keep child at home if they are feeling sick or have a temperature of 100.4 or more.
·  Coaches will also be checking temperatures upon arrival. Any player with a temperature of 100.4 or more will not be allowed to participate.
·  Parents should not attend practices and should stay away from the field unless there are extenuating circumstances.
·  Must practice social distancing if attending matches. All households must maintain a distance of 10 feet when at an event.
·  Parents should avoid bringing siblings who are not participating in practices.
·  Make sure your child has the above-mentioned items.
·  Must notify your coach if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 or is required to quarantine for a period of time.
·  Help your player arrive on time and exit promptly after each Rockbridge United event to avoid contact with others from earlier or later events.
·  If a parent, other adult, or family member is attending an Rockbridge United event, they must wear a mask.

Thank you and feel free to email [email protected] with any questions!

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